Welcome to my Blog!

Hi there! My name is Jazel. I do love reading and writing. I started writing since I was a kid. I make my own love story in my diary. I discovered writing when I realized I can’t speak out my feelings every time I feel mad and sad. So, my diary became my friend. It knew all of my stories. My laugh, my cry, my victory, my failure, my heartbreak, and my journey.

I fell in love with writing. I remember when I was in high school, I feel so afraid to speak in front of my classmates. So, I have to write what I need to say first and memorize it or else I’m gonna mess it up.

I have lots of words to write than to speak. When I entered college, I pretty much discovered that I can write more. I started writing poems and a song. But I’m not that good enough especially in terms of my grammar. I still have that “grammar conscious” though. But I keep on reading and learning so, I may improve my vocabulary.

Later on, I created a Facebook page for my pieces of writing. I do post there all of my dramas and rants lol. Not many dramas though, I made it as my “e-journal” so everyone can see them. I stopped writing in my notebook I called a diary, instead, I become more active on social media. I also created an Instagram account considering that it would be nice to reach lots of viewers and audiences. So, my page and account for my pieces of writing are my Testimonials of faith and grace in life.

Meanwhile, this space is for another piece of writing. I am excited to write more and share it all here. 🙂

My Latest Posts

  • Remain Faithful
    And he said, “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.” – Job 1:21 Going back to the story of Job reminds me that no matter how tragic the situation we shouldn’t blame God instead,Continue reading “Remain Faithful”
  • Saved by Grace
    I still remember the night when I felt so heavy, I was so lost and out of my mind. My anxiety was tricking me and I feel like it was playing me with my vulnerability. I was losing hope and I’m having suicidal thoughts. Almost three nights of crying, wondering, doubting, and worrying until oneContinue reading “Saved by Grace”
  • Is He the One?
    Certainly, some young ladies had experienced this “Quaranfling”. They call it short-term love by flirting with someone they met during quarantine. And these poor young ladies expecting too much from those guys. Hey ladies, don’t let your heart be fooled just from having a sweet conversation with those instant boy-friends. Don’t trust too much, unlessContinue reading “Is He the One?”
  • Mariposa
    I’m sick of being a slave. I can’t move, I can’t breathe. I can’t do something that I wanted to do. I can’t live my own life. I feel like a caterpillar who stuck with my cocoon. Not given a chance to grow and fly. I feel like someone is pulling me down instead ofContinue reading “Mariposa”
  • When the Weather is Fine
    When the weather is fine,I will call you and pick you up from home. When the weather is fine,We will see each other again,And we will go somewhere else. When the weather is fine,We will count the stars at night,And we will wait for the sunrise. When the weather is fine,I will cook your favoriteContinue reading “When the Weather is Fine”
  • Insanity
    When the world seems so heavyAnd before I go crazyI wish you were my swingOr you can fly me with your wingsThen we can flee the gravity. In the depths of anxiety—And the deep crystalline sea,You’ll be my yacht babyBut can you come through?Before I drown, I want to see you.
  • Until Our Eyes Meet
    I know we’re destined for each other.I see it in your eyes, and I knew it. We are meant to be. We are one atom in the universe but when the Big bang happened we had been apart and now we found each other again. My atom will always find your atom. And my atomContinue reading “Until Our Eyes Meet”
  • Safe Haven
    I spend more time in my head than anywhere else. There are hidden thoughts, fears, and awful desires that make me feel insane. I tried to run away—to escape but it pulls me back, now I am stuck and I’m sick of it. For me, it is my kind of haven even I’m surrounded byContinue reading “Safe Haven”
  • Keep Going
    We have our battles. We fight in our way. It might look like we are strong enough to carry the burdens that we have, but deep inside we are weak. It’s okay to feel that way, it’s normal. WE ARE JUST HUMAN we cannot avoid being hopeless, we cannot avoid being weak, and we cannotContinue reading “Keep Going”
  • God’s Pain Rescued Me
    “God’s pain rescued me” As I read the devotional book of Joena San Diego tonight (blogger), I started to reminisce about my painful past. It’s a timely message for me tonight and it’s also a perfect time to look back on what I’ve been through from the past year. I lost myself during my graduationContinue reading “God’s Pain Rescued Me”